Creating Value
through Global Experience
and Local Knowledge

Investment focus

Investment Strategy
  Identifying major market anomalies in real estate cycles
  Sourcing off market deals when possible
  Establishing critical joint venture local relationships & partners
  1995-2005 Swiss residential and industrial
  2005-2010 Berlin residential
  Prime land in or near coastal residential areas
Current Focus
  Distressed Spanish opportunities
  Prime city centre residential redevelopment
  Coastal whole-sale to retail portfolios
  Swiss value-added developments

Where we invest
  Geographic focus on Germany-Austria and Spain
  Companies with revenues between EUR 30mn and EUR 150mn
  Majority or significant minority stakes
What we look for
  “Good companies with bad balance sheets“
  Companies with succession issues
  Sound business models
  Potential for international growth
How we create value
  Company support typically via “executive chairman” role
  Operational, specialist support
  Balance sheet improvement leading to increased investments in growth